Professional Voice Treatment

Singers, actors, and others whose professions heavily depend on their voice need specialized care to ensure that their voice remains healthy and they are performing at their best. Professionals require examination of the vocal cords and surrounding structures before every performance to prevent unnecessary damage to their voice. In between performances, preventive care is necessary to ensure that the voice is being used properly and to detect and correct poor speaking habits, ultimately leading to healthy lives and successful careers. At Southern California Head and Neck, we offer comprehensive care of the professional voice to patients throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Laryngology is a subspecialty within otolaryngology that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of disorders the larynx related to voice, swallowing and breathing. Vocal professionals need to have a laryngologist who understands the importance of vocal health to the longevity of their careers. This involves both prevention and maintenance as well as the treatment of voice disorders. Professional voice users benefit greatly from a baseline evaluation, including a vocal history and digital laryngeal stroboscopy, for the assessment and management of potential problems before they result in a loss of vocal quality.

In addition to our laryngology services, we have a team of skilled and experienced speech and singing voice therapists who can work with the patient and their vocal pedagogue to provide comprehensive preventative and therapeutic voice care. Regular evaluations and ongoing preventative care are very important to maximize the long-term performance of vocal professionals.

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