Nasal Valve Collapse Repair

When the valves of the nose collapse and fail to function correctly, health may be negatively impacted due to inadequate airflow through the nose. In this case, your doctor may recommend that you undergo surgery to correct the problem. This type of surgery is commonly referred to as nasal valve collapse repair and can be performed to correct the internal or external nasal valves. Nasal valve collapse may also be referred to as nasal stenosis.

Internal and external valve collapse is a medical problem, so valve repair surgery is often covered by medical insurance. If you require nasal valve surgery, it is important to work with a skilled ENT surgeon experienced in treating your specific type of valve collapse. Our Los Angeles plastic surgeons are highly skilled in correcting both forms of nasal stenosis. Through this surgery, you can regain proper nasal function and address any deformities caused by collapsed valves.

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