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Pacific Ear & Eye Specialists is a board certified Ear, Nose, Throat and Vision medical practice located in West Los Angeles.  We believe that the outcome of any consultation, surgical, or non-surgical procedure should be to enhance our patients’ physical and emotional quality of life. We spend adequate time advising our patients of their options in order to create an individualized plan. Integrity and compassion are the center of our practice.

We provide a superior patient experience by adhering to the following fundamental principles:

  • Education of one’s condition through animated videos, anatomic discussions, and interactive state-of-the-art software that make even complex medical problems easy to understand
  • Sharing knowledge gained at conferences, research endeavors, and constant interaction with our colleagues from around the world in order to stay up to date
  • Interacting with our patients through email—our patients are always able to contact their surgeon directly and expeditiously through email
  • Availability to our patients including having extended office hours and Saturday appointments for patients too busy to come in during the week
  • State-of-the-art technology available in the office including high-definition cameras, a CAT scanner that can obtain images of the sinuses in less than a minute, and providing patients with videos of their endoscopic examinations on a USB-drive at their request
  • Communication with our patients and their other doctors to assure that a unified plan is present to get our patients healthy and to prevent future illness
  • Providing quality “health care” instead of just “disease care” by not only treating current conditions but also taking the extra time to counsel our patients how to prevent illness in the future
  • Respecting our patients and tailoring a treatment plan that is in accordance with their belief and value systems (e.g. Eastern and herbal medicine, wanting to avoid taking antibiotics, acupuncture, etc.)

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