Biopsy and Removal Of Neck Masses

A mass (lump or nodule) of the head and neck is a common reason for patients to seek the consultation of an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician. Masses of the head and neck may represent a variety of conditions such as infections, congenital lesions, benign growths, or malignant tumors. Our physicians will determine the etiology of a head and neck mass by reviewing the patient’s symptoms.

A biopsy can reveal whether a mass is noncancerous, or benign, or cancerous, also known as malignant. Our doctors will create a treatment plan based on the results. If a mass is noncancerous, our specialists recommend removing it to prevent complications, such as infection or problems with breathing or swallowing. Doctors may also remove a benign growth for cosmetic reasons.

If a mass is cancerous, our otolaryngologists partner with oncologists and other specialists to determine the most appropriate treatment options.

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