Acute & Chronic Hoarseness

Hoarseness refers to any abnormality of the voice and can manifest as changes in vocal characteristics resulting in a breathy, rough, raspy or strained quality with differences in vocal projection or pitch. These changes can occur as a result of many different causes, both acute and chronic, such as laryngitis or inflammation of the vocal folds, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR, acid reflux), vocal overuse, muscle tension and vocal fold masses (polyps, cysts, nodules).

Most treatment is conservative and involves medication, speech and/or singing voice therapy and temporary modifications in voice use. Even with conservative management, some conditions will require surgery. Our fellowship-trained laryngologist, Dr. Andrews, has extensive experience in treating these conditions and will make every effort to ensure the best possible result so our patients can resume their normal professional and social activities as soon as possible.

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