Smell & Taste Disorders

Taste and smell disorders are closely related, common conditions that affect the chemosensation system and may develop as a result of genetic factors, injury, upper respiratory infections or exposure to certain chemicals. Taste and smell disorders can be temporary or permanent, and may include:

  • Hypogeusia Dysgeusia Dysosmia
  • Aqeusia Anosmia Hyperosmia

While taste and smell disorders are not serious, they can often affect your daily life and may lead to unpleasant side effects. Treatment for these conditions usually focuses on treating the underlying cause of the condition, while direct treatments may range from simple lifestyle changes to surgery.

Olfactory Function Testing

Olfactory function testing is done to determine whether or not you suffer from a disorder involving your sense of smell. Your doctor at Southern California Head and Neck will place a group of odors in front of you and ask you to identify each one. A diagnosis can usually be made immediately after the test, and a customized treatment plan is then created for your individual condition.

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