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Welcome to Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists

We are a premier Los Angeles ENT cosmetic and medical practice.  Our ENT Doctors specialize in both Pediatric and Adult ear, nose and throat disorders and treatment.  Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists is located in the West Wilshire neighborhood of Los Angeles. Our board certified physicians provide the following cosmetic and medical ENT treatments to our patients.

We believe that the outcome of any consultation, surgical or non-surgical procedure should be to enhance our patients’ physical and emotional quality of life.  We spend extensive time advising our patients of their options in order to create an individualized plan.  Integrity and compassion are at the center of our medical practice.


Some of the medical conditions we treat include but are not limited to:

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patient testimonials

What our patients have to say about us:

11/27/16  –  Dr. Griffiths changed my life. I had lived my entire life not knowing what it was like to breathe through my nose. Dr. Griffith’s concerned compassion, highly skilled expertise and confidence helped open the door to this life-changing procedure. When I awoke, I was like a blind person who could see for the first time. I have more energy, more taste and I am experiencing a new extraordinary life!  Dr. Griffiths & his team are wonderful!
Antoinette P. Sinus Patient

7/12/16 – Dr. Karimi saved my life. I had a tonsillectomy done by a different doctor and soon after I started to hemorrhage from an artery. I was rushed to Saint John’s where Dr. Karimi was on call. Thankfully he quickly decided to rush me into surgery where he was able to stop the bleeding. Dr. Karimi is a Brilliant Doctor. I am very appreciative and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent ENT.
Adam S., ENT patient

8/31/16 – Dr. Griffiths is an exemplary ENT Surgeon. Cannot say enough great things about him and his staff. Dr. Griffiths performed my 3yr old daughter’s adenoidectomy and with my thyroidectomy. After consulting with several top surgeons, I chose Dr. Griffiths because of his expertise in this area. The surgery went very well and my recovery was fast. My overall health has dramatically improved and my scar is barely noticeable!
Jen H., Thyroid Patient

8/20/16 – Dr. Griffiths is an outstanding doctor! My daughter suffered from many sinus infections and was on many antibiotics until we finally met Dr. Griffiths. He gave her life back! She had acid reflux and sinus problems.  After treatment she has been healthy and great. I can’t tell you what we went through and wish we would have found Dr. Griffiths sooner. I’m so grateful that we did. Everyone in the office is really wonderful!
Kathy C., ENT Patient

7/15/16 – Dr. Sofiya Krauss is the best doctor you could ask for. I brought in my aging father to get some long overdue hearing aids. He was not at all happy with the idea. Dr. Krauss was beyond patient and kind and made this difficult process easier than I could have imagined. My father broke down in tears when he could hear clearly for the first time in 10 years.  She is amazing, know that you can rest easy with Dr. Sofiya Krauss!
Tess H., Hearing Patient

4/8/16 – Best Doctor Ever!  I traveled to LA from the East Coast. Dr Karimi is a kind, humble, funny yet a brilliant Doctor/Surgeon. He went above and beyond what I could’ve imagined and gave me a much improved version of myself. I’m so grateful to him and can’t say enough about his character, his skill and ultimately what he’s done for my overall confidence. Thank you so much to the entire staff !
Merea P., Facial Surgery