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Cosmetic Surgery

Nasal Procedures:

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Our Los Angeles Rhinoplasty doctors enhance the symmetry and appearance of your nose by improving facial harmony to achieve a more balanced appearance. Nose surgery is also a way to change the size of your nose or the width of the bridge, to get rid of humps, or alter the tip or change your nostrils. You can also undergo this procedure to improve breathing.


The nose is a complex organ and has different important functions. Many of these functions can be significantly improved with rhinoplasty. Serving as the upper airway’s gatekeeper, the nose is essential to normal breathing. In addition, its appearance is also highly critical to the overall look of a person’s face.

A septorhinoplasty is a procedure that straightens the septum and enhances the external appearance of the nose. In many cases, cosmetic improvements of the nose can be done simultaneously. A portion of the surgical procedures may be covered by your insurance company.

Revision Rhinoplasty

A revision rhinoplasty may provide significant improvements in the function and appearance of your nose. Suboptimal outcomes of a prior rhinoplasty may have resulted from a lapse in communication between the surgeon and the patient, errors in judgment or the surgeon’s procedure, or poor healing because of factors beyond the patient or surgeon’s control. As head, neck, and rhinoplasty surgeons, we will assess your nose to determine whether a revision surgery would enhance the function and/or appearance of your nose.

“Ethnic” Rhinoplasty

The term “Ethnic” rhinoplasty is a misnomer used by some people to describe nasal surgery performed on non-Caucasian patients. It is particularly necessary that you understand your aesthetic goals in context with your ethnic identity. For instance, you may wish to have your nostrils brought in too far or perhaps leave a slight bump at the bridge. Following a comprehensive consultation and the application of computer imaging to determine possible changes that can be made, we’ll assure that your individual goals are taken into consideration.

Facial Rejuvenation:

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

You may choose to have an eyelid lift to enhance your appearance, look younger and refreshed, or improve the harmony of your face by illuminating your eyes. Excess fat or skin around the eyes can result to a worn out or tired appearance. People with this condition can benefit from an eyelid surgery.  Our Los Angeles Blepharoplasty surgeons have been providing expert plastic surgery and cosmetic options to patients in Los Angeles for many years.

Eyebrow Lift (Endoscopic Browlift)

Eyebrows may descend overtime and cause “hooding.” If you’re seeing this condition, then you may be a good candidate for an eyebrow lift, a minimally invasive procedure. Pacific Specialists uses a natural approach to perform this procedure. We lift only the “arch” of the eyebrow subtly to achieve a rejuvenated and refreshed look, as opposed to an “operated” look. Incisions are hidden because they are placed behind the temples. The downtime involved in most cases is approximately one week.


With a face lift in Los Angeles, you may look younger and solve sagging skin, muscle, and fat that can happen on everyone’s face over time. A facelift procedure may significantly enhance your appearance and emphasize the best features of your face, including your eyes, nose and mouth. Pacific Specialists offers facelift surgery to help patients naturally and harmoniously improve the features of their face, resulting to rested, more attractive, and significantly younger-looking appearance.

Neck Lift / Neck Liposuction

You can significantly enhance the appearance of your neck with a neck lift procedure or with neck liposuction. Neck lift and neck liposuction eliminate problems with excess skin, loose muscle bands, as well as excess fat that give a “double chin” appearance even in young and healthy patients.

Laser Resurfacing

A laser resurfacing surgery will help you deal with sunspots, pigment problems, and wrinkles. Our expert surgeons will carefully examine the skin on your face to find out if you’re a good candidate, and what type of laser to use to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Fat Transfer

You may choose to have your own fat transferred when treating facial areas that have lost their volume. We apply state-of-the-art procedures and filtration processes to complete a safe and reliable fat transfer treatment. Fat transfers are usually given in combination with other procedures including facelifts, neck lifts, and laser resurfacing. We take a natural approach to make sure patients look younger and more refreshed.

Facial Implants:

Cheek / Malar Implants

You can choose to go for a cheek implantation if you want to improve your face’s proportional harmony. Underdeveloped cheeks can lead to a gaunt, undernourished, and tired appearance. With a cheek implant, a patient may achieve the right proportion of his/her facial features. The result is a healthy, vibrant appearance.

Chin Implants

Chin implantation can help you enhance the proportional harmony of your face. Underdeveloped chins can make the nose appear larger and the rest of the facial features disharmonious. Underdeveloped chins in men are often seen as feminizing quality. Women may want to go for a chin implantation to strengthen their facial appearance and improve the proportion of their facial features.

Ear Procedures:

Protruding Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

An otoplasty procedure can be a good solution if you or your child has protruding ears. Otoplasty is a term that describes “pinning back” the ears and achieving a more natural shape for patients with “cup” or “bat” ears. Young people and adults with protruding ears are good candidates for an otoplasty surgery.

Pacific Specialists are proud to offer EarWell, a non-surgical procedure that corrects protruding ears in a newborn. The EarWell procedure should be conducted within the first two weeks of life. It is a highly effective way to solve protruding or deformed ears without resorting to surgery or bringing any discomfort to the baby.

Split Earlobe Correction

A split earlobe correction procedure is for people who have earlobes that are split or almost split from long term earring use. The correction procedure is performed as an outpatient and there’s no downtime involved.

Earlobe Reduction

Earlobes become longer as we age. This can be due to the aging process or chronic use of earrings. An earlobe reduction surgery can be completed in the office with local anesthetic.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery:

Skin Cancer of the Face, Head, and Neck

There are many ways to treat skin cancers of the face, head, and neck, including basal cell carcinoma (BCCA), squamous cell carcinoma (SCCA), and melanoma. Pacific Specialists specializes in the surgery of the face and neck, and in the diagnosis, treatment and defect reconstruction of excised facial cancers.

Ask your Dermatologist/Mohs surgeon to work with our team to coordinate repair of skin cancers excised by Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Repair of Mohs surgery defects is usually performed with duration of between 24-48 hours, after the treatment is provided by your Dermatologist/Mohs surgeon. We advise that you see us before having the lesion removed so we can discuss possible reconstructive options.

Facial Trauma

Experts from Pacific Specialists have extensive skills and experience in management and repair of facial trauma. Some procedures we perform include meticulous repair of facial lacerations or cuts, soft tissue injury, and repair of bony facial fractures. Dr. Griffiths and Dr. Karimi are both volunteers of facial plastic surgeons for the Los Angeles Kings hockey organization. They routinely provide repairs of lacerations or facial injuries that happen during the games.

Repair of Lacerations

As double trained head, neck, and facial plastic surgeons, we are exceptionally competent in performing closure of complex lacerations in the head and neck, bringing minimal discomfort, as well as minimal to no cosmetic deformity. Such procedures can generally be performed with the use of local anesthesia.

Scar Revision (Non-surgical and Surgical)

Many people find scars from trauma or previous surgery. Talk to us about our scar revision procedures. We offer many non-surgical techniques that include state-of-the-art laser technology designed to improve the appearance of scars. In some cases, scars may have to be removed for a “fresh start” with an improved scar.