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Jan 5

Difficulty Understanding Speech in Noise Linked to ‘Hidden’ Hearing Loss

Researchers have linked symptoms of cochlear synaptopathy, a “hidden” condition linked to the generation of tinnitus and hyperacusis, to difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments in college-age adults who regularly expose their ears to loud noises but who otherwise have normal hearing sensitivity, according to a new study from Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Although all […]

Sep 9

World Alzheimer’s Month – September

Many people are interested in increasing their memory and brain power as they get older. But few recognize the link between hearing and cognitive thinking.  In recognition of World Alzheimer’s Month all September the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is providing information on important research regarding the hearing-cognition connection. Hearing Tests Are Good For Your Memory If […]

Jul 15

Dr. Griffiths Named New Faculty at John Wayne Cancer Institute

Our Dr. Griffiths has been appointed to the faculty at The John Wayne Cancer Institute located in Santa Monica.