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Jan 5

Difficulty Understanding Speech in Noise Linked to ‘Hidden’ Hearing Loss

Researchers have linked symptoms of cochlear synaptopathy, a “hidden” condition linked to the generation of tinnitus and hyperacusis, to difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments in college-age adults who regularly expose their ears to loud noises but who otherwise have normal hearing sensitivity, according to a new study from Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Although all […]

Dec 14

Hearing Loss in Cancer Survivors

It has long been known that certain chemotherapy drugs are associated with hearing loss. But now for the first time, a new study at Indiana University has found a correlation between higher doses of a commonly used drug and increased hearing loss. The drug in question is cisplatin, widely used for cancer treatment for more […]

May 24

Protecting Your Hearing At Loud Events

Listening to loud music at a concert or nightclub for extended periods of time can leave your ears ringing. Research published in JAMA Otolaryngology suggests wearing earplugs to loud events can reduce or prevent temporary hearing loss and tinnitus. Cases of acquired hearing loss are on the rise, with rates among adolescents up by 31% since 1988, according […]

Sep 9

World Alzheimer’s Month – September

Many people are interested in increasing their memory and brain power as they get older. But few recognize the link between hearing and cognitive thinking.  In recognition of World Alzheimer’s Month all September the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is providing information on important research regarding the hearing-cognition connection. Hearing Tests Are Good For Your Memory If […]